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News: People's Development Trust Fund - a policy review

Research Report on People’s Development Trust Fund (PDTF) in aid of a policy review.

Latest News: Unlad Kabayan Executive Director publishes Research Report on Poverty.
August 2016

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This is a research report (in ppt) on People’s Development Trust Fund (PDTF) in aid of a policy review. Created by R.A. 8425 or the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act of 1997, the PDTF is the funding facility for microfinance institutions that would address the poor’s lack of access to capital. The report “People’s Development Trust Fund as a Tool for Poverty Reduction: A Study for Policy Review” discusses the performance of PDTF, the microfinance industry and their impact on the poor and poverty reduction. Case studies on social enterprise (SE), corporate shared value (CSV) as other pathways to poverty reduction are also featured. In light of the findings, recommendations that would make PDTF an effective tool to help the poor cross poverty threshold. May you find this paper informative and relevant in your work.

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