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What is Social Entrepreneurship?


What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurs aim to help society as well as generate profits. A community of social entrepreneurs is able to recognize problems in the community, and then identify resources that can help address the problem. Many of the poorest provinces in the Philippines are in rural areas, made up of fisherfolk and farmers. They are normally susceptible to market prices and natural disasters. Using social entrepreneurial principles community members are able to access other sources of income, so the community is less susceptible to factors outside their control.

A social entrepreneurial community, and through them country, is able to maximize the opportunities presented to them. Their work helps their communities and their people through more jobs, increased incomes, improved livelihoods, while reducing the environmental impact of their activities. Social entrepreneurs contribute to community development, so that the entire community has improved conditions, not just individuals, through sustainable grassroots methods.

Our Work | What We Do

Unlad Kabayan Work in Mindanao AgricultureOur work is diverse, and involves migrants as well as communities. We work in destination countries overseas, and in the Philippines. We provide financial assistance through savings and investment opportunities, micro-credit and financial literacy education.

We assist in the incubation of businesses and the development of enterprises. We are involved in research of the issues facing migrants and poor communities in the Philippines, and our education and training programs provide our beneficiaries with the skills they need to increase their income. Our advocacy program enables our beneficiaries to have a voice, so there issues and concerns are communicated to government, private sector and the general public.

Our Programs
Migrant Workers

Through our Savings and Investment Mobilization program we travel to destination countries..

Our Programs
Micro Credit

Loans range from amounts as low as P3000, to above P1 million, and are used to pay for improvements..

Our Programs

We train migrants, business owners, and future social entrepreneurs in financial, technological and..