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Recovering and Moving Forward

Women in Haiyan-affected Communities

global fund for womenEarly Recovery & Rehabilitation Project
Isabel, Albuera & Palompon, Leyte
January - June 2014

Immediately following Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Unlad Kabayan immediately mobilized with their international partners in bringing Early Recovery and Rehabilitation to heavily-affected areas in Leyte. With the drive to Respond to Women's Needs in Haiyan-affected communities, Unlad Kabayan conducted immediate rapid scan and assesments on the ground. Proceeding to identifying benificaries, we conducted surveys while closely coordinating with the local goverment. By January of 2014, we started our rehabilitation efforts on the personal level.

Psycho-social & Stress de-briefing

During our sessions with women in the affected areas, we covered important issues towards enhanced awareness. why we are vulnerable
Why are we vulnerable?

discussion on climate change and poverty
Climate changes, environmental degradation, and poverty

There was a reflection focusing on, "How did we survive?" - and we pushed the message that "We should not lose hope", and we discussed "Where to draw our strength"

Strengthening organizations

We conducted workshops and trainings for organizations in the area:

  • Organization Development & Management - Albuera, Isabel & Palompon

  • Organization Development & Management
  • Workshop on VMG & Program
  • Entrepreneurial Literacy Training

  • Entrepreneurial Literacy Training
  • Development of Business Plans for SFWA & AEWA

  • Business Plan Development

Livelihood Skills

We also conducted livelihood skills trainings.

Composting & container gardening in limestone terrain
Composting & Container Gardening in Limestone Terrain

Fish Amino Acid
Household waste bins for Fish Amino Acid (Fertilizer)

Other Skills Training included:

  • Hands-on compost mixing
  • Container garden in Isabel
  • Livestock Care & Management

Livelihood Package

We also helped with providing livelihood packages which included:

  • Livestock Distribution
  • Fishing Material Distribution
  • Assorted dry goods for "sari-sari store" Distribution
  • Manicure-pedicure Set

To view more photos from our activities in the abovementioned areas, see more by clicking below:
Responding to Womens Needs in Haiyan Affected Communities